To Wear

  • Neutral knit sweaters I’ve been loving my tan sweater from gap and another knit pale cream sweater from the Mossimo brand. Wearing these with leggings and knee high boots have been a favorite casual yet “fancy for college” look for me.
  • Ravenclaw Quidditch sweatshirt So, I must say I am a huge Harry Potter fan and like most Potterheads I took the test/quiz thing on the pottermore site to find out what house I would be in. And I’m proud to say I’m Ravenclaw so for my birthday I took my Etsy gift card and bought myself a Ravenclaw Quidditch sweatshirt. (If you are interested in getting yourself a Harry Potter house sweatshirt I will include the link below to where I got mine.)
  • American Eagle Cardigan I’m in LOVE with my ‘soft & sexy plush’ cardigan from American Eagle Outfitters. I got this also for my birthday and I wear it like every day no joke! It is super soft and super easy to throw on in my dorm room when it gets a bit chilly and also when I take a quick walk outside. It’s the best thing ever!
  • Tommy Hilfiger Ankle boots I can’t find the exact pair of boots on the Tommy Hilfiger website but I’m pretty sure you can find the ankle boots I have at a Belk. That’s where I got mine and I heard they were new at the time when I bought them this summer. I wear these almost every day walking across campus to classes. (I’m a sucker for the clicking sounds shoes make which is one of the reasons I love these boots so much) They have a heel but it is not to high where it is uncomfortable to wear them for long periods of time and walking a lot. They are very sturdy and comfortable.
  • Klorane Dry Shampoo Honestly, let’s be real, washing your hair every day is a pain really. I mean for me, I take my shower at night and I don’t like going to bed with wet hair. (Btw, I never ever blow dry my hair because if I did…I would literally have an afro to deal with.) I got this sample dry shampoo in my September Birchbox and I fell in love with it and how well it worked. Just a little spritz does a lot.
  • Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina My No. 1 lipstick for the fall. Not too dark for an everyday college lifestyle and just right for fall. It is the most perfect rosy mauve color and the wear on it is great! It lasts for quite a few hours even after a latte or two.
  • BHcosmetics Carli Bybel Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette Top palette of the month and possibly year for me. I know I’m late in getting this but now that I have it I can’t believe I didn’t get this before. It is amazing! And honestly the eyeshadow colors are so perfect for the fall I’m just in love. The pigmentation is great and the highlighter colors are spectacular and super glowy on the skin. Great buy.


To Watch

  • Supergirl I watched the entire first season and I loved it! (fun fact I’m a super major fangirl of like all the superhero shows and movies) I’m currently keeping up with the second season on the CW and I’m so happy they included the high and mighty superman in the mix of characters. Finally!
  • Legends of Tomorrow I was late to this boat and I do believe I watched the entire first season of Legends in like 3 days. Yeah, I know I don’t have a life. But who cares! I love this show so much and I fangirled over Rip Hunter like every episode because he is just so cool, British, and ginger! I am also keeping up with this show on the CW as well.
  • (Honorable Mentions on the CW) As you can tell, the CW is my favorite tv network because they have all the good stuff in my opinion. If you know me, I am also a huge huge huge Arrow and Flash fan and have been for like forever and I’m just obsessed. I dressed up as the Green Arrow for a spirit day at my high school and for a Halloween party this weekend I’m going to do it again because the theme is superheroes and villains and he is my favorite.
  • Supernatural So, hey! Late to this fandom boat as well but I didn’t have access to Netfix most of my life so yeah. That’s my excuse. I must say, I’m loving this show a lot! You should really hear my comments and exclamations as I watch this show….It scares the crap out of me and is probably the only show that I’ll ever keep watching that is categorized as horror. I never watch horror and the only shows I’ve watched in my life that are considered horror is this one and Freakish on Hulu starring some YouTube stars like Lizza Koshy and Meaghan Rienks. Other than these two shows no horror for me! I don’t want to be cringing in fear at every noise.
  • andrewtkearns (YouTube) This guy I recently found on YouTube a week ago. He is this amazing photographer and I’m just absolutely in love with his work. I’m honestly a bit jelly of the places he gets to go to and locations he gets to take pictures at because I just love mountains and trees and the forest. There isn’t much of that that is accessible to me hear at college. But he is just so inspirational and every time I watch one of his adventures I get so motivated to take more pictures and work at it every day.
  • jessiepaege (YouTube) LOVE HER! She is my mermaid mom and my fandom account on Instagram is named in honor of her. (A little self promo…hahaha… go follow my fandom account that I just started @amermaidsfandomtrash) I love how awkward and real she is and how confident she really is even though she doesn’t think so.


To Listen to

  • Arrows by Roscoe James Irwin I am an Indie Folk fanatic and this is the kind of music I listen to to help me fall asleep because it is just so calming. This kind of music usually hardly makes sense but I love it. This song especially! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I play it on repeat. It’s great.
  • No Money by Galantis story of my life.
  • The Tallest Tree This is another song that is kind of calming and doesn’t make a lot of sense but I love it all the same. It is partly acoustic which makes it all the more awesome and a beautiful song. I put my ear phones in and lip sync with it as I walk back from my classes and I’m pretty sure people think I’m weird but whatever.
  • Waiting for Superman by Daughtry Old time favorite. Just recently listened to it again and fell in love again and I actually wrote a song analysis on it for an English project I had.
  • Even When it Hurts (Praise Song) by Hillsong UNITED Sang this in church once and it like broke me. This song has been my heart’s cry this semester of college with all the stress and sickness I have been through. It is a praise song that embodied my struggles and turned them into worship to the Lord. I remember studying for a biology exam and stopping in the middle and just turning this song on and singing my heart out. It calmed me quite nicely.
  • In Over My Head by Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music) This is another de-stresser song that I found. It is not your normal stanza-chorus-stanza-chorus-bridge-chorus song because every string of words is so meaningful and also embodies my heart’s cry. It is so powerful and just beautifully song.


To Follow on Instagram

  • torycakes_ Her feed is bomb. I like all her pictures and I just honestly envy her lifestyle. I know I shouldn’t but it is so perfect and beautiful and her and her husband are just goals. If you like the nature bohemian tribal earthy feel you will definitely feel that when scrolling through her pictures. They are beautifully taken and artistic.
  • andrewtkearns Yes, again I know. But please please please if you are into nature and portrait photography he is SO GOOD you should follow him. I just can’t stop raving about his work it is so good. I might be raving so much because his taste in photography is actually the closest you can get to my taste in photography for the most part. If I lived where he lived and had that freedom to do what he is doing I would take it in a flash!
  • thepinkdiary This is a beautiful girly account that I have loved for a while. It is more city based unlike the two previous accounts I mentioned but this appeals to my city girl side and I love every photo which is just so artfully taken and the layout of each photo is super well put together.


To Eat and Drink

  • Hot cocoa Okay, what’s not to love about hot cocoa especially during this time of the year! I think I like drink a cup of this stuff every day! Not joking. I even add some Swiss Miss cocoa mix to my coffee when I make it in my dorm room. It’s so good y’all! You should try it.
  • Caramel Macchiato A combination of two things that sell for a constant autumn beverage of mine. I get one almost every time I go to one of my college’s cafes. I guess I like the fancy sounding coffees rather than getting normal coffee because I can make that back in my dorm room. And it doesn’t bother me that I spend around $5 a cup on sugar filled coffee multiple times a week.
  • Sushi and rice I’m in that season of my life where I’m just missing home so much so anything with rice is on my menu. I love rice so much and if you didn’t know I have spent most of my life in a country whose every meal was around rice. I’m so Asian at heart! I have also been eating a lot of individually packaged nori (dry seaweed) with all my rice meals and I just can’t stop….it’s so bad.
  • Cadbury Caramellos Like I don’t know why I’ve never had one of these before but I bought like one every single time I go to my campus store because the temptation is too strong. Chocolate is my weakness. That and ramen noodles. I’m so unhealthy. I only buy Cadbury because I’m against chocolate that isn’t fair trade. I do sometimes buy Lindt because I think I read somewhere that they were close to becoming fair trade so I figured close enough but yeah. I refuse to buy Hershey chocolate and Mars chocolate anything. It kinda sucks but think of the children.


To Read

  • Jesus Calling by Sarah Young This is a devotional book I got from my mentor earlier this semester. It is a day by day journal devotional that you can meditate on in your daily quiet times. The first devotional came at a life changing moment for me when God did something great in my life and what I read for that day intertwined with what I was actually learning right then there and it was amazing. This is a great devotional and I love it.
  • Cozy in Kansas by Nancy Mehl This is actually a book trilogy I started this past summer and for a Christian mystery it is actually quite good and kinda creepy which makes it good. I also have this thing for Kansas. I’ve visited a couple of times and each time I came back wanting to live there.



  • Grabbing coffee after class It has been a habit of mine to not go straight back to my dorm after my AM classes but to head straight to the nearest cafe to find a nice warm cup of coffee because I’m a coffee drinker so much so I can drink it black if I wanted…but Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Lattes are too tempting.
  • Learning a new dance I admit I dance when no one is watching and in my opinion it is the best and most fun form of exercise. I cracked under the pressure to learn the JuJu On that Beat dance and when I feel like dancing that’s what I dance too.
  • Finding people that inspire on the internet I say the internet because every day I’m on all my socials for at least 5 minutes each day (usually longer though let’s be real) and I’m constantly finding photographers, makeup artists, comedians, etc. that just bring out the best in me and put me in a positive mood.



Harry Potter House sweatshirt




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