To Wear

  • H&M High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans (Black) These were $9.99 on H&M’s site and I had to buy them because 1) I needed a new pair of good black jeans and 2) kinda a necessity for anyone’s wardrobe. I personally, needed them more for work because to dress “business casual” I’m sure not going to wear skirts and dresses every day.
  • Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein If you follow my Instagram, I mentioned this to be my signature scent. I fell in love with this scent a year ago and since then, I’ve been wanting it. My parents got it for me as an early birthday present and I love it so incredibly much! It smells wonderful like a good memory that I can’t quite put my finger on. If you are into the more muskier scents, this is simply divine.
  • Zoella’s Travel backpack So, last Christmas I had asked for Zoella’s backpack set. It is the most perfect shade of gray and it’s super stylish. I used it this last semester as my normal everyday backpack and I got compliments on it. I called it my “designer” backpack. Not designer in that it’s high end but designer as in, it is fitting for a designer such as myself as I am going into graphic design. Yes. It is lovely and good quality and I use it all the time.
  • Thrift Finds the tan shirt and high low skirt were both pieces I found at thrift stores. (together they were under $10) I always wondered if I could pull off tan so I tried this shirt on from Goodwill and when not tucked in it isn’t that flattering and the sleeves needed to be rolled up, but I just imagined how this would go so well with a black or white skirt and being the slight fashionista that i am, I skimmed the store and Plato’s closet for the perfect skirt. And there you have it. Also, I always keep in mind now what I can and cannot wear to work so this is perfect.
  • Sandals I found these two pairs of shoes on for like under $40. I think they were both discounted so it was a good buy. I love these shoes because of the style and they fit to size. I’ve been needing nice sandals for the longest time too and these are definitely going to be worn to work a lot.

To Put on my Face

  • Rice Water Bright by The Face Shop This is a foaming cleanser, and I’ve never in a million years used something that actually foamed this much. I only use a little bit and it lathers up so quickly with just a little water. It is very gentle and my skin is actually squeaky after I wash it with this stuff which is actually very satisfying.


  • Rice Mask Wash Off by Skin Food This stuff really does do something for my skin. It leaves my face feeling really clean and smooth and does not irritate it at all. This is the first time for me that I used a mask where you had to massage it into your skin for 10+ minutes, but thats where the magic happens.

To Watch

  • Pretty Little Liars Not gonna lie, I started it this summer and ended it a few weeks ago. Literally spent days binge watching it. I finally got sucked into this worm hole of misery. It’s intriguing and infuriating and I love it. I got so into it. I hard core ship Spoby and Haleb and I really really really do not like Aria’s character and Ezra annoys the heck out of me. (just my opinion) And don’t get me started talking about how much I love Jason Dilaurentis. He is beautiful lemme just say. I like that he is kinda the sketchy older brother that people trust or don’t trust. I love those characters. Also, Mona is just a boss.
  • Cartia Mallan (Youtube) I watch every single one of her videos when she posts them. I LOVE HER! She is just beautiful and is such an inspiration to me. She got that bohemian free-spirited vibes that I love and she is just such a strong woman with a great sense of style. Also, I have a certain weakness for Aussies. I love Aussies and their accent. I have met some really awesome friends from Australia. Before my senior year of high school, after meeting some students from the University of Sydney, I had considered going their for Uni rather than coming back to the States. Yes, I actually considered it. Speaking about Aussie Youtubers, a couple others I love watching are Sammy Robinson and Josh Heuston. Such beautiful people.

To listen to (by genre)


  • There May be Tears by Scott Cunningham Band
  • Known by Tauren Wells
  • You’re Gonna Be Ok by Jenn Johnson This song saved me my freshman year in college for reasons that are hard to explain.


  • Salad Days by Mac Demarco
  • Let Her Go by Mac Demarco
  • Freaking Out the Neighborhood by Mac Demarco

Yes…same artist but all three are the best beach vibe songs I’ve ever heard.


Okay, let’s face it, I can’t do a favorites without Kpop at this point. I’m waayyyy too into it and I feel like I had a lot of catching up to do. I was into it for a long time before going to boarding school but then I had actual Korean friends so they kind of filled that place in my heart. Now, where I’m living I need my asian influences because being in the south is just too western for my very asian heart. (You, TCKs, know what I’m talking about.)

  • Untitled, 2014 by Kwon Jiyong aka G-Dragon kills me every single time
  • Hug Me by Nam Taehyun I feel him on a spiritual level
  • Save Me by BTS best music video they’ve ever made
  • Climax by Team B (iKon) Always makes me cry
  • Apology by iKon Processed with VSCO with  presetall the feels
  • Sentimental by Winner I like the sound
  • LOTTO by EXO the beat to this is my jam
  • The Eve by EXO new and beautiful


To Follow on Instagram

  • Oddhw This guy’s aesthetic is beautiful.
  • eliz.dunn I know her from college. She has the most well put together account than anyone I know. She majors in fashion merchandising so the good eye for beauty and color coordination is natural.
  • neutral.fleur also has a youtube account that I love and that’s how I know her by. But her Insta is beautiful. She has an obvious love for creams, tans, and browns which makes her theme so natural and warm. She is also just gorgeous and her eyeliner is always on fleek.
  • embattaglini is a photographer in college and I have been following her for some time now. Her aesthetic is also so lovely. I admire her confidence and strength in being a woman and embracing her insecurities. She is just beautiful and her photography is beautiful.
  • Cartiamallan Again, love love love Cartia so much!

To Eat and Drink

  • Lemon Water I have been loving lemon water mostly because it encourages me to drink more water during the day because usually I’m so bad at that. The nonexistent flavor of water is not appealing to me. It is also helpful to have my water bottle at work because I don’t eat at work so just having water there to sip on through my day is nice.
  • Ramyun reminiscent of my high school days when it was a norm for my dorm sisters and I to cook ramyun for Sunday lunch or dinner. It never gets old.
  • Spinach, Onion, Bell peppers, and Carrots basically the only veggies I eat.
  • Salmon I’m pescatarian so my favorite fish is salmon at the moment…possibly forever. If I could eat Ikan bakar right now I would love that more but seeing that that isn’t possible…yeah.
  • Fruit if you know me at all, fruit is heavenly to me. I LOVE fruit so much! I’ve been loving cherries, raspberries, plums, and mangoes recently. To other people, this looks a little expensive for a college student on a budget. It’s true but you see, it’s really all about priorities. Fruit takes first priority on my grocery list. Always.

To Read

  • Book of Zachariah in the Bible I have been slowly soaking up this book in my quiet times because there is a lot that I missed when I read it back when I was a kid. It holds so much beauty and I just love this book so much.
  • The Messy Heads blog/mag I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them on this blog before but this is just a couple of girls (mostly Emma Mercury) who started out just as bloggers calling themselves The Messy Heads. They have since grown and began making quality magazines. The Messy Heads were name after what Emma found in a lot of the magazines she’s seen growing up, always advertising getting perfect skin and perfect hair. She embraces the fact that no one is perfect and we should be celebrating our flaws and our messy selves. Now, being the boho rebel and free spirit that I am, I love some of what they say and their positive influence. However, there are, I’ll admit, some things I don’t agree with at all but It’s nice to know for the most part, there are like-minded people out there.



  • My job So, like I love my job so much! I am in patron services at the Moss Arts Center at VT. I have about two jobs being a gallery assistant and an usher which also includes ticketing and handing out programs when needed. I love this job because the atmosphere of the building itself is beautiful and the people are lovely. I’m incredibly fortunate that I get to work here and that I actually love my job because I know very few people actually enjoy their jobs. Compared to my last job, I 100% love this job more because of everything I just said.
  • My plants Need I say more?
  • My bullet journal from Midori Finally got an actual good quality Japanese graph notebook which is a perfect size and ink doesn’t bleed through the paper which is sooo nice. I put a lot of photos in it and write with all types of felt tip pens and so far so good. Hopefully, I actually get through this journal/planner and stick with the theme I’m going with.


  • My camera I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. I love photography and I love expressing myself through it and discovering so much by it. I have a red Canon EOS 1100D if you were wondering which is actually the equivalent to the Rebel T3. It’s the same. The two pictures below are just a couple of my favorites. The girl on the left is my friend Emily who I’ve been taking pictures with since last year. She and I are always going on photography adventures and doing crazy things for the sake of a good a photo. The girl on the right is my friend Cassidy who is just beautiful inside and out.
  • Particular people Lastly, I just want to give a shoutout to three girls who just made my summer. First, Bekah Seiler, is the one graphic designer I look up too and aspire to be like. As a fellow BCMer I’ve gotten to know her a bit and she has been so kind as to be my Kroger buddy and drive me to and from. She is just amazing. Also, Cara and Eileen….These two have put up with my Kpop crap and I’m truly grateful for it. I have successfully made two more Kpop fans out of them and Eileen “hates” me for it and Cara…well, Cara and I have a shared love for GD and Bobby so we good. Not only that, but these two have also let me hang out at their place, watch movies with them, and eat tons of food together. I’m so grateful I found these kindred spirits. It’s great. They’re great.

I’m done now.

featured header model: Emily Koth



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