So, it's been so long since I've written anything. I've just been so uninspired and when I have been getting spurts of inspiration, I would start writing something and then it would get so emotional and intense. I would lose all emotional energy to write anything more and would just end up throwing those... Continue Reading →

So, I am officially a VCD (Visual Communications Design) student, and that's the fancy way of saying that I'm a graphic design student. One semester of time consuming and emotionally exhausting art making was just the start of a long road to hopefully a successful future for me. Just a sidenote: I have a tumblr blog where... Continue Reading →

I am a very different version of me. It's crazy how much I've grown from 2016 till now. I'm Is that too cliche to say? College really does inspire growth...or deterioration depending on who you are. For me, it was both. It was God taking everything away from me so that I only had... Continue Reading →

To Wear H&M High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans (Black) These were $9.99 on H&M's site and I had to buy them because 1) I needed a new pair of good black jeans and 2) kinda a necessity for anyone's wardrobe. I personally, needed them more for work because to dress "business casual" I'm sure not going... Continue Reading →

I want you to experience the feelings I get when I walk through the woods of Guilford, Connecticut. I have nothing but good memories here and I think it must be the trees and the fact that this is a small town in the middle of nowhere. My grandparents lived in a small old wooden... Continue Reading →

Thought Compilation

Tuesday, Feb 14 2017 Nothing in this world hurts more than to see someone you love slowly slip away without you ever telling them how you feel about them. I'm no stranger to love. I wish I couldn't feel it when I do and I wish I did when I don't. It is a war... Continue Reading →

Where’s Home?

I was reading Emma Mercury's post 'Where Do I Belong?' on The Messy Head's blog. It really resonated with me and I was touched by the meaning and thoughts behind it and I broke at this particular part: "If I am with people who don’t truly accept me, I could be anywhere in the world... Continue Reading →

A Year in Perspective: 2016

I honestly cannot understand how some people can look back on 2016 and say it was an awful if it was all that awful! Yeah, sure we had war and tragedy, blood and death. The United States had an election that was less than ideal and yet life goes on. We are still breathing.... Continue Reading →

Purism in Photography

November 12 I had a great time with this lovely person taking pictures of her and her taking pictures of me. We started out at a local coffee shop and took advantage of the beautiful architecture on campus and the fall trees and their brilliant display of colors. We're both photographers touching up on our... Continue Reading →

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